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At Chelmsford Cabs we offer a wide variety of services to ensure you have the most enjoyable journey possible from start to finish. From our flight trackers, to our variety of vehicles and our quick, simple booking form – we can make sure your experience is easy and stress free! Please see below for any special requirements you may have. If what you are looking for is not on here, please call or add onto the booking form additional information box and we will try to accommodate.

Taxi Service

Chelmsford cabs offers a variety of taxi services to suit your needs. We offer wheelchair accessible taxis, and a range of regular size, to minibus taxis, across Chelmsford and surrounding areas.

Airport Transfer

We offer airport transfers services to all airports across the country, please phone us to book a long-distance journey, as we can agree a fixed price.


A Saloon taxi is our standard taxi for shorter city fares. This is will normally be a metered fare and will allow quick convenience.

1 – 4 passengers

Up to 2 large bags

Climate control

Disabled Vehicle

We offer wheelchair-accessible taxis, please phone us, or add to the online booking form if this is something you require.

Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle

Wheelchair & Up to 3 passengers

Up to 5 large bags


Our estate vehicle is typically for longer journeys, or airport transfers as it offers more baggage space. 

1 – 4 passengers

Up to 4 large bags

Climate control

6, 7 & 8 Seater

We offer a choice of 6, 7 & 8-seater taxis for groups such as families, group nights out and work-related activities.

1 – 6 passengers

Up to 6 large bags

Climate control

Group Bookings

Let us know in advance if you would like to travel as a group, and we will accommodate this. Either with larger transport, or separate transport for larger groups. For group bookings we offer a fixed rate price before the journey.

Executive Travel

We offer an Executive vehicle if you prefer something a little more comfortable. We offer a choice of a Mercedes or Jaguar with leather interiors. This is for 1-4 passengers, with up to three large bags and climate control. 



Standard journeys around Chelmsford are priced by meter fares. All our meter fares are in line with Chelmsford City Council pricing rates. This is measured by distance travelled and waiting time.

Long Distance

Long distance taxi rates are measured at journeys where the distance is 20 miles or more. Call us for longer distance journeys, which we can potentially offer a flat rate/ fixed price for you.

Flat Rates

We offer competitive flat rates for certain taxi services, such as group bookings, long distance journeys and airport transfers.

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